Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fusion Man makes history with successful Channel crossing

ROCKETMAN Yves Rossy made history on the 26th of September as he flew over the English channel strapped to a jet-powered wing.

The Swiss adventurer looked like cartoon hero Buzz Lightyear as he zoomed through the air at more than 100mph. The flight took less than 10 minutes and Rossy said after landing: "So many people were with me on that flight, I want to say thank you.

Rossy began by leaping from a plane 2500 feet above Calais and firing up the jets.
His flight traced the route of another pioneering aviator Louis Bleriot, who became the first to fly across the channel in October 1908. Almost exactly 100 years later, Rossy, 49, completed his crossing after a perfect flight and landed near the white cliffs of Dover. His total flight time, from jumping to getting his feet back on the ground after cutting the engines and opening up a parachute, was 13 minutes.

Here is the video:

Friday, August 15, 2008

Kitewing Extreme and Action Sports

Have you ever heard about K-I-T-E-W-I-N-G ?

The Kitewing is a wing shaped kite. Many people call it “the wing” for short, just because of its shape. You can use Kitewing with your skis, snowboard, mountainboard, skates or in-line skates etc. Many say it is like a mix of kite surfing and wind surfing.

After I've seen the video below I've instantly bought one and have already had a lot of fun with my wing. I'ts very easy and fast to learn the basics.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Dustdevil lifts two pilots

Two pilots waiting to launch get picked up by a dustdevil... sacry stuff!

Crazy no?

Friday, March 2, 2007

Batman's rival

The first jet-powered flying man in the history of aviation...

Today, Batman can leave behind his cartoon books and movie theatres and fly above the Swiss Alps, this person is Yves Rossy. He has finally achieved Leonardo Da Vinci's greatest fantasy and can fly through the air!

Following a long line of predecessors, this Swiss man, who's lifetime passion is flying, once flew for the Swiss army at the controls of the Mirage III, then went on to fly as captain on Airbuses, and now has not only created and developed wings which allow him to fly, but also built and personally tested them over the past 7 years.

Finally, and this since last Autumn, his dream became reality mainly because of 4 model-engines which were built under his wings. With these, he can fly at over 200km/hr and conquer mountain summits. During the flight, Yves's body becomes the likes of a bird and, other than a gas handle, Yves does not ride his wings but truly flies them, using various light body movements that he has learned to handle with perfection. These body movements are equal to those that birds use to fly...

And like Batman, when he flies alongside airplanes they can only look and admire him when he activates the acceleration button which makes him disappear at an incredible speed through the blue skies.

Watch the crazy video below and enjoy :-D

Friday, February 23, 2007

Hang gliding at Point of the Mountain

Take a break, relax and enjoy this great hang gliding video I've found on YouTube: